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How to apply efficient landscaping / irrigation

Did you know?

Almost 40% of your home water consumption
comes from irrigation

Apply these water conservation tips and reduce your consumption:

Design or redesign your landscape

To efficiently design your landscape (if you don’t have one) or
to redesign the existing one, you need to identify:

Choose your plants
Based on your garden characteristics choose local plant species

Develop or update your watering plan

Identify how much water your plants need

Large plants have deeper roots and need more water. However they can store water longer which means that they can be watered less frequently.
Small plants on the other hand have smaller roots and need less water, but they need to be watered more frequently.
Lawn watering depends on the type of soil used, but good practice is to apply no more than one inch of water.

Match your system output to your plants need
it is recommended to install the most water efficient systems

Drip irrigation system
provides slow, steady trickle of water to plants at their roots through a network of hidden pipes and hoses.
Smart sprinkler system
(with time or moisture sensors) instead of using manual hoses.